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Sara Del Cuore, Centennial, CO Mortgage Loan Originator

Sara Del Cuore

Centennial, CO Mortgage Loan Originator

Our Promise

At Cherry Creek Mortgage Co., Inc., there are no gimmicks. We value people above all else. We believe the best mortgage outcomes start with the best people.

For every customer and partner who walks through the door, we make this promise and we stick to it.

Our Vision

We play a significant role in serving America’s home ownership needs. In this process, we aspire to meet and exceed your expectations by delivering specialized services to help you find the right loan that meets your specific needs. We strongly believe, that this kind of service should be the standard for excellence in the mortgage industry.


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 PRISM is a strategy designed to address the lack of housing inventory across Colorado and across 52% of the nation. PRISM is a free strategy and not a product to buy!

PRISM was designed to offer a solution for people who would like to sell their homes but are fearful of selling too quickly and not being able to find a new home that meets their needs and budget in time. By guaranteeing that a seller will be able to secure their replacement home, before being obligated to sell their current home, the seller’s fear of displacement is removed and they can engage in the market intelligently and successfully!

PRISM also helps buyers who are competing in this “seller’s market” by encouraging smarter offers. For the buyer who is waiting months to get an offer accepted, PRISM encourages that buyer to offer time as a bargaining chip. Instead of offering thousands of dollars over asking price or appraised value, a buyer can offer the seller time to identify their replacement home BEFORE they are required to sell their current home. If you have time to wait, you have TIME to offer.

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